Tech Mage, EpicDuel Game Lead
You look like a Hero who likes a good fight. Me, too! I'm Titan, and this here is NightWraith. We didn't see enough action where we were stationed when we were young, so we built our own world to dominate: EpicDuel! Even the best of friends love a good PvP battle every now and then… and we've got an entire galaxy for you to battle through in live combat against other players!

Delta V needs YOU! We are bringing massive amounts of the most explosive gear in the universe to help you dominate your friends… and your foes! Enhance your combat skills and boost your defenses, then go head-to-head on missions against some of the fiercest challengers the planet has to offer in 1v1, 2v2, and 2v1 encounters!

- EpicDuel Gear



Thanks to Zero IX.

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