Timestream War

War-Level 0 to 85
The Avatars resolve to tear an entrance to the Timestream open in order to hunt down Malgor. Doing so oversteps the bounds of their elemental jurisdiction, putting their Champions at dire risk. As they race to find Malgor, the Hero and their must defeat the mysterious monsters manifesting in the Timestream.





Map Name: streamwar
Room Limit: 7
Access Points:

Note: Also see Shadows of War: Timestream War.


  • Mousing over Artix's HP bar displays the message "Artix survived with enough strength and determination to carry on. Wounded, but not permanently."
  • Mousing over Aria's HP bar displays the message "Aria has survived, but is severely wounded. Be kind, if you should notice any changes in her."
  • Mousing over Abel's HP bar displays the message "Abel's eyes are closed. It looks almost as if - as if he is sleeping. You should get some rest, too, after such an intense battle."
  • Mousing over Tyndarius' HP bar displays the message "In the history of Lore, few mortals have ever matched the force of Tyndarius' fury. And now…?"

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