Time to Party



«Scene: Baron Sunday, Frevo and Hero at Terra de Festa»

Hero: Yep… still feeling pretty smug.

Baron Sunday: You are foolish.
Baron Sunday: You may have defeated me for now…
Baron Sunday: But you can't kill me.

«Scene: Baron Sunday vanishes»

Frevo: Good enough for Frevo! Time to party!

«Scene: Hero, Frevo, Samba and Batista at Carnaval»

Batista: Thank you for dealing with Baron Sunday and his zombies.
Batista: For awhile there, we didn't think there would be a party this year.

Frevo: I only wish he hadn't ruined my dance troupe.
Frevo: Oh well, I can always try again next year.

Samba: Don't do that.

Frevo: No?

Hero: No.

Samba: Maybe you should come back for more dance lessons instead.

Frevo: Ok.

«Scene: Samba winks»

«Screen fades»

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