Time to Face the Future



«Hero and Lim defeat Iadoa, who leaves behind sometimes that Hero picks up»

Lim: Eeeeeyup. That's durablinium, that is. Supposed to only be found in eddies in the timestream.
Lim: And if I'm not mistaken, Iadoa's just bored a hole into one of those eddies and forced his ay back into the 'stream.

Hero: … Great. That's going to make the future WAY less complicated. If we even HAVE a future.

Hero: And speaking of… about that durablinium?

Lim: They use it to make shatterglass, which is - I think - a Chronomancish idea of a joke.
Lim: Their humour is always SO outdated!

«Lim throws the new year ball»

Lim: Nothing can break THAT, except…
Lim: Well, hunh. I'm not sure.

Hero: The only way we're going to keep Time from stopping and make sure the New Year advances is by smashing this hourglass!
Hero: I pushed all his buttons, set his alarm clock… everything!
Hero: There's got to be SOME way to shatter that glass! Iadoa would have needed some failsafe way to get inside it…

«Hero looks at the thing he picked up»

Lim: You don't think -

Hero: He COULDN'T be THAT stupid, could he, to just leave behind an object imbued with his power?
Hero: This shack isn't going to explode if I strike tha thing, right?
Hero: It's a trap!

Lim: … You know, I bet it's not. The tales I've heard of him from GranPappy, well -
Lim: Iadoa likes his science the way Cysero likes his magic: seemingly too complex to understand, always dynamic, and VERY hard to ignore.

Hero: So I would know if this was a trap. Unless he knows I think I would know if it was a trap, which means -
Hero: The New Year's going to come in a with a bang one way or another! Might as well make it a loud one!

«Hero strikes the hourglass with the thing and the New Year ball gets to the bottom»

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