Time To End This


«Scene: Sigrid and the other gryphon riders fly up to Sepulchure on Victorious»

Sigrid: It's time to end this.

«Scene: Close up of Sepulchure.»

Sepulchure: Is that what you think your queen wants?

«Scene moves back out»

Sigrid: She's not here.
Sigrid: She's an idealist. She thinks you can be saved.
Sigrid: You're a rabid dog who needs to be put down.
Sigrid: My Lightguard have followed Noxus into the tunnels on this monster's back.
Sigrid: They will handle them while I take care of you.

Sepulchure: You're not going to be able to surprise me again.

«Scene: Close up of Sigrid»

Sigrid: Ha! I don't need to.

«Scene fades»

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