Time Paradox



«Scene: Warlic in his Magic Shoppe with Cysero, Lim, Alina, Maya and Sora to Hoshi»

Warlic: Guys! Seriously, I'm trying to work. The snow will come when it's ready!

Cysero: Well, someone's gonna get coal in his stocking this year!

Lim: Yeah, where's your holiday spirit?

Sora to Hoshi: He just needs someone to help him find it. <3

«Warlic smacks his face with the book he's holding»

Warlic: I really don't.

Cysero: I know just the thing!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Warlic and co. watch the other versions of Warlic and co.»

Warlic: So… what I'm seeing here..
Warlic: Is that this year's Frostval is about all of my friends annoying the heck out of me.

Cysero: Heh.

«The other versions of the characters look at them»

Cysero: Hey, look! It's us!
Cysero: I guess my idea must have worked!

«The other versions flicker»

Cysero: Uh oh.

«The other versions flicker and turn gray»

Hero: Oh, no. They've turned into-

Sora to Hoshi: Time wraiths!

«Scene fades»

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