Time is Running Out


«Dage the Good and Dage the Evil battling in Bright Fortress, when Hero comes in and stops the battle»

Hero: Look, this REALLY cannot happen right now. Or ever.
Hero: This battle is going to tear more than your armiest apart. can't you feel the WORLD breaking?

«Dage the Evil and Dage the Good nod»

Dage the Evil: WE SETTLE THIS. NOW!
Dage the Good: WE SETTLE THIS. NOW!

«Hero is sent flying with a blast. Scene changes to ArchMage Brentan, Evil Alteon and Frigid Drakonnan in the throneroom. The Chronomancer is also in the scene casting the portal through Safiria»

ArchMage Bretan: Scouts report both Dages are equally matched… and their armies are about to slay each other.

Evil Alteon: Excellent. Then the way will be clear for US to clean up afterwards.
Evil Alteon: With no interference from the Legion of Light OR those otherworld interlopers.
Evil Alteon: Once they're done, take care of the mongrel. I doubt the Monster Queen will need her again.

«Scene changes to Hero knocked out near Dage the Good and Dage the Evil's battle. Then to Hero flying next to Dragon of Time»

Hero: Wh-where am I? WAIT. DO I remember this place?

If you haven't finished the 13 Lords of Chaos Saga yet, discover khow you became the Eternal Dragon of time and freed the Queen of Monsters from her prison in the Chaos Realm!

Hero: I've got to close that rift, and FAST, before they destroy each other!
Hero: Who knows what that would do to both realms!?!
Hero: I need. More. TIME!

«Hero flashes. Scene changes into white screen»


«Scene changes to Hero using his power, then scene changes to battle between Dage the Evil and Dage the Good, when time freezes»

Hero: … Did I know I could do that?
Hero (thinking): I hope this lasts longer than I can hold my breath!
Hero: Alright, next step - get Lycan Queen Safiria OUT of the timelock and get Dage the Evil BACK to our world!

«Scene fades»

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