Time for Truth


«The Hero attempts attack Iadoa, but his eyes glow blue and he blocks the Hero's attack.»

Hero: What the —

Iadoa: I am afraid we do not have much time for such actions, as understandable as they are.
Iadoa: I am like nothing you have encountered before. An unfinisheduncommitted — Chaos Lord.

Hero: Un… finished? WHAT does "uncommitted" mean?!

Iadoa: I am here to lead you to your Destiny. To achieve your full potential, you must understand how you — and your world — came to be.

Hero: I have two problems with what you jut said. 1) You didn't answer me.
Hero: 2) This is ridiculous. YOU Chaos Lord, ME Hero. You wreck, I rebuild. That's how this goes.

«Iadoa rolls his eyes.»

Iadoa:*sigh* Students. Always the same, no matter the century.

«Iadoa transport the Hero and himself to the Time Void»

Hero: Where the — WHERE in Zeuster's left tailfeather did you TAKE us?!

Iadoa: Peace, <Hero>. THIS is the true interior of the Library. The space between lives, worlds, and times.
Iadoa: What you saw before is nothing more than another construct. One more… comfortable than this.

Hero: As comfortable as my WEAPON in your CHEST?

«The Hero attacks Iadoa but is sent back to a platform.»

Iadoa: You view me as an enemy. THE enemy…
Iadoa: There is an element of truth in that. But not the whole truth.
Iadoa: Things are not always what they first appear to be. That is the first lesson you must learn.

Iadoa: And I am pleased. But we must move on.

«Iadoa creates a clock in midair»

Iadoa: I've seen your future…

«Drakath's image appears in the center of the clock»

Iadoa: And Drakath's.

«Drakth's image fades»

«The hero lies down onto the platform.»

Hero: Please, keep talking. I'll just be over here, stranded in the middle of no-when, resting.
Hero: Got to save my strength for the coming battle. Against YOU. Whatever you are.

Iadoa: That is an excellent idea. But for now, listen.
Iadoa: "You asked what I meant by "unfinished" and "uncommitted". You desire to know what I am.

«The Hero sits back up»

Iadoa: Whatever you think you know about Chaos and Chaorruption pales compared to the reality.
Iadoa: Those who welcome Chaorruption are unimaginably enhanced. For those who do not… unimaginable pain teaches them to bow.

«Drakath slashes Iadoa with his sword, chaorrupting him»

Iadoa: To feel your body succumb — the blood in your veins changing to acid as it runs under skin - that is pain enough.
Iadoa: To feel YOU — your will, your sense of self — irrevocably altered, your thoughts and decisions not your own…

«Iadoa's glow blue and he returns the Hero and himself to the Time Library»

Iadoa: I do not know how long I have until I become the Chaos Lord I am destined to be.
Iadoa: Before that happens, you must become the Hero you were meant to be. That Lore MUST have.
Iadoa: And though you may not have known, Drakath's fate is tied to yours, as well.

«Scene: Drakath sitting in front of the Gate of Chaos»

That which lies beyond his Gate requires much to enter our world. Your actions will determine when — or if — he succeeds.

«Scene: Time Library»

Iadoa: Come, we have much to do. Journey to the northern-most Portal.

Hero: Got it. But… after you. You understand.

«Iadoa walks off into the doorway»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Span»

Hero: …Is this dangerous, what I'm going to learn?

«Iadoa nods»

Iadoa: Yes.

Hero: Will you try to kill me?

Iadoa: A some point in the near future? Yes.

Hero: Do I have a choice in this?

Iadoa: We all have a choice. Mine is to teach you while I am still… me.

Hero: Then we'd better begin. It sounds like we're both running out of time.

«Scene fades»

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