Tiki God Approves!


«Scene: the Tiki idol grows into a giant rabbit monster»


«A shadow descends upon the Hero and Memet»

Memet: Oops.

Hero: What is happening?!?

Memet: We found our signature drink, that's what!
Memet: All of its sugar and venom and FIRE has awakened the Tiki God!
Memet: And now he's in the mood to party!

«Memehaho stomps around, shaking the ground. He lifts up a hut, revealing a villager inside»

Peasant: AAHHHHHHH!!

Peasant: OMG!

«Scene: Hero facepalms»

Hero: We have to stop him!! He's destroying everything!!!

«Memehaho shakes a palm treeant»

Memet: Aw. Yeah, I guess we should.

«Scene: Memet and the Hero on the ground»

Memet: Hey! Memehaho! Come back over here and calm down, ok?

«Memehaho does some motion that's probably mocking Memet»

«Scene: Memet and the Hero on the ground»

Hero: Ugh. Fine, I'll do it myself.

«Scene fades»

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