Tiffany's Secret


«Scene: the Castle of Glass»

Hero: Tiffany?!

Tiffany: Oh, thank goodness you're here!
Tiffany: I managed to escape from the mirror, but then I got lost, and-

Hero: Cut the crap, Tiffany. I know you trapped me in that mirror.

Tiffany: Oh, alright! You got me!
Tiffany: When Scarletta saw her beauty starting to fade, she sought out a powerful Unseelie fae called The Glassbinder.
Tiffany: She made a deal with her. The Glassbinder would give Scarletta power over mirrors, and glass.
Tiffany: And once a year, Scarletta would pay tribute to the Glassbinder by collecting beautiful youths…
Tiffany: …and trapping them inside mirrors.
Tiffany: For as long as she did this, the Glassbinder's contract would keep her young and beautiful.
Tiffany: When you broke the spell, all of the Glassbinder's tributes escaped.

«Tiffany transforms into the Glassbinder»

Glassbinder: …all of MY tributes.

Hero: Oh… um, I see.
Hero: So I guess you're pretty mad at me, then.

Glassbinder: You bet I am!
Glassbinder: Those girls were MINE. Scarletta was MINE.
Glassbinder: And you took them from, so now YOU are mine.

Hero: Seriously? I mean, I'm already out of the mirror. You kinda lost.

Glassbinder: Oh, don't be silly, it's not THAT easy. You signed my contract!

Hero: What? I agreed to come rescue you!

Glassbinder: No. You agreed… to be "my" hero.

«A close-up of the contract is shown»

I solemnly swear That I, the Hero of Lore, will enter the last mirror in the Shattered Maze to rescue the maiden known as Tiffany Glassbinder and will forever be her Hero.


«Scene: the Castle of Glass»

Glassbinder: The contract has magically bound you to this castle… you can't leave unless it's broken.
Glassbinder: And an Unseelie contract isn't so easy to break.

Hero: That's… that's cheating!

Glassbinder: Yes! It is!

Hero: Well, you're not the worst thing I've had to take down.

«The Hero attempts to attack the Glassbinder, but she disappears, leaving the Shard Golem in her place»

Hero: …but this guy might actually be.

«Scene fades»

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