Tibicenas (NPC)

Eighth Hero of Balance
You are here. Good. I was hoping we would have help soon. Sek Duat I has sealed himself in this pyramid. It has been well known that he has had ownership of the Light Orb. Now rumor has it that he is willing to bargain the Orb off to the Queen. We must take it from him before that happens.

Sek Duat I?
He is the Pharaoh of these lands. I once thought he was a good man, but soon fell prey to his lies. We have been enemies since. While I would have liked for us to have met under different circumstances, I know what must be done now. (remove this section if none)

- Tibicenas' Quests

After completing the 'Gone With the Djinn' quest:

Eighth Hero of Balance
With the door open, Sek Duat is in our grasp! I am with you, Hero! We shall claim the Light Orb as our own! Let us show him that no one can hide from the Heroes of Balance!

After completing the 'The Light Orb' quest:

Eighth Hero of Balance
It was a trap! Sek Duat was just the bait! Horothotep, the Devourer, is here! He is responsible for the death of one of our fellow Heroes! He is a dangerous foe, more dangerous than any you have faced so far, but you have to defeat him! He has devoured the Light Orb, and we have to retrieve it!

The Devourer, Child of the Queen. He is most likely here to eat all three of us! He is known to feed off of anything, but his favorite meal is Hope. He will consume and consume until all your Hope is lost, and then, he'll devour you too.

- Tibicenas' Quests

After completing the 'The Light Orb, Part II' quest:

Eighth Hero of Balance
With our friend avenged, the Light Orb is ours. Well done, <Hero>! Iadoa was right, we are lucky to have you on our side. I will have my Sphinx seal this pyramid for good, so that Horothotep's body may never see the light of day again. That should stop the Queen from getting any ideas of bringing him back. Go forward to Darkovia, Wolfwing is waiting for you.

After completing the 'The Ice Orb' quest:

Eighth Hero of Balance
If only my master was around to see this. With all the Orbs, we are coming close to seeing his dream realized. Do not worry. I am sure we will win. Fate is on our side.

Location: Orb Hunt


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