Dragon Mother, Story Teller
Welcome, human, to the Dragon King Festival! For the first time, we wish to open our celebration to humans in order to foster the peace our Dragon King fought so fiercely for! This is extremely exciting for the dragonlings, as many of them have yet to see a human! By the way, the Dragon King has asked specifically for you, Hero! He is waiting in the Hall of the Aspirants just north of here! Just don't forget the enjoy the Festival!

The Festival?
The Festival of the Dragon King is a magical time of the year for all dragonkind! The various Dragon Clans put aside their differences and any current disagreements (even wars) are put on hold. All the Clans make the pilgrimage to the Hall of the Aspirants, where gifts are given as a sign of dragonic unity.

During this time, we recognize that while we may have disagreements, we are all still dragons and that, unlike when Desoloth reigned, peace is always an option for all of us thanks to the Halcyon Aspirants.

Location: Ice Storm


Thanks to hecyon.

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