Infinite Dark Caster Trainer
Hello there, mortal. Oh, there’s no need to turn around and look the other way. I know you sensed true power emanating from me and wish to have it for yourself too. Lucky for you that is why I’m here. I can teach you to become one of us, if you wish to know the power of the dark.

What is a Infinite Dark Caster?
Dive deeper into the darker magics to bring out your true potential. An Infinite Dark Caster has no use for any other element. They are the ones who deal with the darker beings of this world. Torment your foe with avoidable darkness and decay until they are no more than a shell of what they once were.

How to get?
To become an Infinite Dark Caster, you will need to join Dage’s Undead Legion and earn it with Legion Tokens. You can also purchase it for Adventure Coins.

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Wizard.
Infinite Dark Casters utilize the powers of darkness granted to them by Dage the Evil to fight the Legion's enemies. They can blind their target, deal damage over time, healing themselves as well as up to two allies, and momentarily negate their opponent's attempts at healing!

Location: Class Hall B


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