Through Fire and Flame


«Two fireballs hit a mountain near Phoenixrise»

The Firestorm Onslaught were created to spread fear and flame across the world…
And reawakened an ancient fire titan to help them…

«Citizens flee from the fires»

Across the lands of the Ring of Fires, all have felt the heat of battle…
And have been burned by Tyndarius, the Flamelord, as he lead his army to wreak havoc…
All in the name of serving the Queen of Monsters…

«Queen of Monsters at her throne»

Aaah, the taste of terror is… delicious.
My little flamelord has done well so far, to raise the Phedra.
A more horrifyingly-beautiful beast, I could not imagine.
I will feed well on the fear of its flames.
With Embersea in hand, where to feed next?

«Gravelyn and her army»

Warriors of the ShadowScythe! Attend me!
The Queen of Monsters is finished here; I can sense her power…
*Though I wish I knew HOW I knew!*
And her attention is shifting. We must move first, and secure the rest of the continent!
The lands of darkness are stirring, and she MUST NOT raise an army there!
WE must focus on the Queen, and leave her pawns to <Hero>, <he/she> will extinguish their

«Hero with Soldiers»

Hero: Hunh. Now that I think about it, you were right, you know.
Hero: His girlfriend DOES look colder than a frozen milk-bag in winter.

Guard: Shuri's fire! You weren't supposed to hear that!

Guard: You insult my love, you - you - water-dancer?!?!

Hero: Oooooh BURN!

Guard: You'd find warmer comfort on a glacier, you coal-brain!

Hero: Are you going to let him talk to you that way?

«A Guard stabs the other Guard in the back with his lance and Hero takes that opportunity to strike them both»

Hero: Looks like their tempers were… too hot to handle.
Hero: I hope Tyndarius is that easy!

«Pyralis barges in»

Pyralis: What kept you? I figures you'd have knocked the drimwits out hours ago.

Hero: I was… studying… my opponents' tempers.

Pyralis: We don't have time for games with flame-faces!
Pyralis: You remember the Aqua Pyrrus, the poton the Feverfew temple-healers concoct?
Pyralis: They finished a batch - the most potent mix yet, and we think -
Pyralis: If the Lady of Waters, the temple's goddess, were to lend a drop or two of HER power to it…
Pyralis: It may be enough to douse Tyndarius' flames!
Pyralis: And then YOU could sever his ties to the Queen. That is our hope, at least.
Pyralis: The temple's priests have gathered, and their prayer-chants have begun.
Pyralis: But if we're going to do this, we've got to hurry!

«General speaking with Tyndarius with the Soldiers at the ready»

General: It looks like <Hero> has escaped! The two guards watching the room have been… incinerated!

Tyndarius: Good. Let their strength feed the rest of us while we clean up this mess.

General: Our scouts in Feverfew also report the priests have convened.
General: Their brew is done, but - oddly - they have begun chanting and praying.
General: I ordered them not to be disturbed, but… I have begun to regret that.

Tyndarius: They are communing with?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

«Tyndarius goes berserk»

Tyndarius: Our Queen will see that their puny water goddess can do nothing.
Tyndarius: I will break <Hero>'s back like a piece of kindling.
Tyndarius: And then build a bonfire with his bones!

«Scene fades»

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