Warrior Trainer
Hail, brave adventurer! Thou must have the spirit of a fighter if thou desires to train with me to be a Warrior! Listen to what I tell thee, follow my instructions and thou wilt gain great might, and increase thy ability to handle the punishment that thy enemies deal unto thee in battle.

To be the mightiest Warrior possible, thou must have great Strength and Endurance and some Dexterity to avoid thine enemy's blows. Thou wilt find mine Enhancements increase those stats.

- Reserved Enh Shop - Fighter
- Lvl 50+ Fighter Enh

- Thok's Quests
- Thok's Shop
- Thok's Upgrade Shop



  • Inscription on Thok's sword translates to "miltoniusreceiveseverythinghedesires".
  • Also see Phoenix Plate.

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