Potion Moglin
We moglins aren't much for fighting. So - much like our magic - our potions are based on defense, healing, and most of all, HUGS. They‘re the perfect thing for pacifists like us, but they're also great for heroes like YOU! I have a few potions in stock for you now, but if you help me gather the supplies I need, I might reward you with even MORE.

Special Potions?
Are you looking for some SPECIAL potions? I know how to make a few, but I don't keep the ingredients on hand. If you bring me what I need, I can try to make one for you. But be warned - the process doesn't always work, so it might take a few tries before I get it right.

- Thistle's Quests

- Thistle's Potion Shop

Location: NibbleOn


Thanks to ShatteredReality.

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