This Power Is Mine


«Scene: Anka, Drakath and Hero in Down Below»

Drakath: It's over, Anka! There's nowhere left to run!

Anka: Why would I run? I can control the very ground beneath your feet.
Anka: You're the ones who should be afraid!

Hero: Anka… you're no looking so good. Are you okay?

Anka: Trying to get in my head, <Hero>?

Hero: No, seriously…
Hero: I don't think this is you.
Hero: You said you wanted to learn the truth.
Hero: And now you've taken over the Plane of Monsters… built a new throne. You've become the new Queen.
Hero: How did this happen?

Anka: I… I don't know.
Anka: I've been feeling these urges I can't explain. These… compulsions.

Drakath: The artifact has taken over her mind.

Anka: Even now, I can feel it trying to bend my will.
Anka: Please, <Hero> help me…

Hero: I will. I promise.
Hero: Just give me the artifact.

Anka: Give it… to you?
Anka: I don't want to do that.

Hero: We have to break your connection with it!

Drakath: We have to destroy it.

Anka: Lies! You want this power for yourself!

Hero: I promise you, I don't

Anka: You almost had me fooled, <Hero>! Oh, I almost believed what you were saying.

Drakath: You idiot! He's trying to save you!

Hero: Don't you see? It's burning through you! Soon there will be nothing left.
Hero: Please, let me help you! Together, we can lock this power away for good.

Anka: No! I won't let you destroy it!
Anka: This power and this throne are mine!

«Scene fades»

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