This Looks Bad


«Scene: Aranx, Arzariel and a group of Celestial Knights have gathered at the Celestial Realm, while all of a sudden, a tower of Infernal Spire drops down from the sky above at a distance away»

Arzariel: Oh, that can't be good!
Arzariel: Bright One's tears! Another Infernal invasion!
Arzariel: How could this have happened?

Aranx: When we drove out the Infernals last year, we were unable to fully seal the portal.
Aranx: I was worried then that they would be able to tear open the breach once again…
Aranx: …but after so long, I was almost convinced that we were safe.

Arzariel: The Infernals pour forth endlessly from the spire!
Arzariel: They outnumber us greatly. I fear we cannot hold them off for long.

Aranx: You're right. We will lose this battle if it continues this way.
Aranx: I'll have to go into the spire myself.

Arzariel: What? No! It isn't safe!

Aranx: Arzariel, look around. It is unsafe NOW.
Aranx: But if I can cut the invasion off at its source… we may stand a chance.

Arzariel: I will come with you, then!

Aranx: No. I need you to stay here. Help our brothers and sisters hold off the invasion.
Aranx: If I am not back soon… call on Hero for help. He/She has dealt with these creatures before.

Arzariel: …I understand.
Arzariel: Good luck, my friend.

Aranx: And to you.

«Scene fades»

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