This is Fine (Cutscene)



«Scene: Memet sitting in a chair behind a table on Screen 1 of Memet's Nightmare»

«Meteor falls down next to Memet»

Memet: This is fine.

Hero: This can't be good.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Voltaire, Hero and Memet on Screen 5 of Memet's Nightmare»

Hero: So… we were stuck in YOUR nightmare…

Aurelio Voltaire: And now we're in Memet's.

Hero: Do you know how to get us out of here?

Aurelio Voltaire: I was hoping you did.

Hero: Nope. We're going to need Memet's help.

Memet: Go away. No one here but us borritos.

Hero: Hey, come on! We hadn't even asked yet!

Aurelio Voltaire: The world's on fire… in the middle of a tropical storm… swarming with murder hornets and zombie cicadas.
Aurelio Voltaire: It's a nightmare that's too much for even a nightmare to handle! I'm not surprised Memet needs an escape.
Aurelio Voltaire: But if we're going to get out of here, we've gotta get her out of this funk!

«Scene fades»

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