This Can't be It


«Hero holding the Array»

Elder Ironwood: Initiate Wild, give me the Array. Elk Clan, to me! To me!

Sister Feral: Yes. YES! It begins!

Brother Rabid: You heard the Elder. Feral, Bestial, protect our flank.
Brother Rabid: Shamans, I want a constant wall of magic raining down on anything that comes through those trees.
Brother Rabid: Wild, you're with me. Our job is to protect the Elder at all costs.
Brother Rabid: Stand strong, my Clan mates!

Sister Spruce: Something's coming!

Brother Bestial: What is it? More giants?

«Giant void larvae appears»

Brother Fir: Elder, we can't hold our ground against that… thing!

Elder Ironwood: We must! The Array is almost in its active state! Stand strong, Clan siblings, stand str-

«Scene: Current Greenguard Forest»

Hero: WHAT? That can't be it. What happened next?

Lydia: I'm afraid the rest of the diary pages are lost.
Lydia: The implication of the written account of the battle is that Initiate Wild survived.
Lydia: But this is the only record that we have that points to any existence of a Greenguard-based druid nation whatsoever.
Lydia: Think about it. A coalition of tribes so powerful that they could withstand an extra-dimensional incursion…
Lydia: …and no one even remembers they exist?

Hero: I guess that makes sense. But what happened to all the records?
Hero: Why is this all we have? Why did the void even invade in the first place?
Hero: This diary raises so many unanswered questions.

Lydia: Indeed. Why do you think the Lorekeepers were formed?
Lydia: One day, we'll find answers. To ALL our questions about Lore. Welcome to the search, Hero.

«Scene fades»

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