Thief of Hearts

Would-Be Suitor
There's nothing for you here - take it from me. If I couldn't win Scarletta's heart, no one can. Might as well head back out through that hedge maze. Spare yourself the heartache.

- Go to Hedgemaze

After completing the 'What's Worse Than Minotaurs?' quest:

Would-Be Suitor
Another poor chump, trying to win Scarletta's heart, eh? Well, it isn't going to work. Hundreds have tried - including me - but what's it gotten us? Stuck in here, wandering the halls forever, that's what. You never should have come here.

Nope, I'm a Hero!
OMG, you're here to rescue everyone? Well, count me in! If you can really get me out of here, I'll do anything I can to help. The girls you're here to rescue are all trapped in the mirrors. To get to them, you'll need to find your way INSIDE them - and then find your way back out again.

- Thief of Hearts' Quests

After completing the 'Find Scarletta' quest:

Would-Be Suitor
You HAVE to find you way into the throne room! Scarletta's pissed of enough that she's finally shown her face - this is your one chance to end this all!

After completing the 'Defeat ... Wait, What?' quest:

Would-Be Suitor
Well, I've learned my lesson. That's the last time I try to court someone just because she has a pretty face. It's not so much fun when you peel back the surface and discover the groglurk underneath!

- Scarlet Sorceress (Level 50+)

Location: Tower of Mirrors


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