They Wubbles Him



«Scene: Mr. Wubbles with a crowd of Battleon Town NPCs gathered around him»

Mr. Wubbles!
We wubbles you!
Squishies and squoozles!

Mr. Wubbles: Yes… YES!

«Mr. Wubbles' eyes glow red»

Mr. Wubbles: YES.

Hero: I don't think that was really a "friendship charm".

«The screen flashes red and Mr. Wubbles transforms into a giant monster»

Valencia: Oh no. This was my fault, you guys.
Valencia: That wasn't the Stone of Eternal Friendship we used - it was the Stone of Eternal FIENDship!
Valencia: Instead of creating life from the positive energy of the people around it…
Valencia: …it has created life from the energy of an eldritch abomination!

Hero: WHAT!?

Valencia: Man, I always get those two mixed up. They look almost identical!
Valencia: Luckily, I know how to fix this.

«Scene fades»

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