They're So Kyooooot!



«Scene: Eros, Hero and Beleen on Screen 1 around Reens, Alina, Sora and Warlic Plushes»

Hero: The spell! It's turned everyone into--

«Beleen's eyes turn into hearts at the sight of the plushies»

Beleen: Gasp! Everyone is PLUSH!
Beleen: Omigosh, they're so kyooooot!

Sora to Hoshi: *sigh*

Hero: You know we can't let everyone stay like this, right?

Beleen: Aww.
Beleen: But I don't understand. Why isn't this working?

«Hero and Beleen look at Eros»

Eros: Isn't it? It does seem like this was exactly what you wanted.

Beleen: Oh, geez… it is… it is!
Beleen: I almost don't want to fix it this time…
Beleen: But I know I need to. Oh, geez, how can I explain this?
Beleen: What I want is for everyone to experience the thrill of newfound love… the electric sizzle of romance.

Eros: I think I understand. You're looking for a way to expand the heart.

Beleen: Yes! That's exactly it!

Eros: Don't worry, Beleen--I have just the thing.

«Scene fades»

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