There Will Be War


«Scene: the Hero and Madra stand next to the defeated Hive»

Madra: Poor, pitiable creature.
Madra: Look at it… broken and ruined.

«Madra looks to her right at Kolyaban's Darkblood followers standing behind them, and the screen follows her gaze»

Madra: Is this really all you want?
Madra: Is this what you want to become? How you want to live?

«Close up of Madra and the Hero»

Madra: We have come face to face with our legends. How disappointing they are.

Kolyaban: They served their purpose.

«The Hero and Kolyaban look to their lefts»

«Kolyaban stands to their left»

Kolyaban: But they were weak. I could do so much more with you.

«Madra steps back»

Madra: I would sooner die.

«Eremon appears next to Kolyaban»

Eremon: And perhaps you will.
Eremon: I would prefer to bring you to our side, but if you try to stop her…

«More Darkblood that made the pilgrimage in search of Kolyaban gather around her»

Eremon: There will be war.

«Scene fades»

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