There Will Be No Alliance


«Scene: Black screen»

I've seen the future. I know how all of this ends.
The entire world… trapped in a cycle of everlasting war.
Everlasting death.

«Scene: The Underworld Soul Forge - Dage the Evil talks to Malgor through a portal»

Dage the Evil: And you’ll be the one to stop it.

Malgor: I will indeed.
Malgor: And when I do, I want the Dark Lord of the Undead Legion - the ruler of the Underworld - on my side.

Dage the Evil: Of course you do.
Dage the Evil: After all, you plan on breaking the cycle by eliminating all life on Lore… don’t you?

Malgor: How fortunate that you’re already dead.
Malgor: Or, well. Undead.

Dage the Evil: Let’s cut to the chase. What is it that you want from me?

Malgor: Just to know that you’ll stand with me, when the time comes.
Malgor: That the armies of the Underworld won’t get in my way.

Dage the Evil:
Dage the Evil: No.

Malgor: No??

Dage the Evil: You say you’ve seen the future.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Dage the Evil in the ruins of the future legion's world»

Dage the Evil: But you didn’t see… what I saw.
Dage the Evil: I may be the Lord of the Undead Legion… but that doesn’t mean I don’t value the other side.
Dage the Evil: In the balance between life and death.

«Scene fades»
«Scen: The Soul Forge»

Dage the Evil: I vowed not to allow myself to become the end of that balance.
Dage the Evil: I won’t let you do it, either.

Malgor: There will be no alliance, then. A shame.
Malgor: But make no mistake. I’m still going to get what I want.

«Scene fades»

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