Their Love Would Not Die



«Scene: Cysero, Memet, Voltaire, and the Hero observe a mirror.»

Aurelio Voltaire: Got a broken mirror in here - anyone think that's worth checking out?

«Memet becomes excited.»

Memet: OMG yes! You guys!
Memet: This proves that MY origin story is the real one.

Hero: …another one?

Memet: Yep! Check this out:

«Close up of Memet.»

Memet: Shrade actually came from a family of radioactive mutants living out in the nearby desert.

Cysero: Ooo! I like this already!

Hero: (off-screen) Really.

Memet: Shh!
Memet: Yes. And he fell in love with one of the camp counselors. The one from the Black Knights Cabin!
Memet: Late at night he'd come to see her, after everyone was asleep.
Memet: And she saw past his terrifying face - and loved him back!
Memet: But one of the other counselors - a guy from the rival Dark Makai Cabin - loved HER.
Memet: She always rejected his advances, and one night he found out WHY.
Memet: He found her with Shrade, out in the woods. And he was so angry, he killed him.
Memet: (gleefully) BUT THEIR LOVE WOULD NOT DIE!
Memet: When she called her love's name, 3 times, in the bathroom mirror, he came
Memet: And he took revenge on the man who had killed him.

«Back to our campers. Voltaire has his hand to his head.»

Hero: …so, that got dark.

Memet: (grinning) Duh-doy, it's a story about a slasher!
Memet: ANYWAY.
Memet: To this day, people dare each other to stand in front of the mirror, and say his name 3 times.
Memet: Obviously, this is what happened here.

Hero: So how'd the mirror get broken?

Memet: They smashed it when he appeared in it, of course!
Memet: Trying to stop him, I guess. Clearly, it didn't work.

Hero: Or… now, hear me out…

«The Hero examines the mirror more closely.»

Hero: OR… they smashed it to get to the hidden room that's behind it.

Aurelio Voltaire: A secret room! Now THAT has horror movie potential.

Memet: I'm so excited!

Hero: I don't know WHAT we'll find back there.
Hero: But whatever it is, it's got to be the answer to this mystery.

«Scene fades.»

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