The Yokai Rift


«O-Dokuro's head with the Hanzamune Blade in his head and Hero fall from the sky and land on a roof. Hero pulls the Hanzamune Blade out of O-Dokuro's head. Miko comes in from the right.»

Miko: Once again your bravery surpasses even the greatest warrior. You have faced unfortunate happenings with great courage and valor, and have overcome the most formidable odds. For this, Yokai Island thanks you.

«Miko bows to Hero.»

Hero: Princess Miko, it was nothing, really…
Miko: You do not have to be so humble! No one else could have accomplished this…

«Screen goes up a huge trail of monsters to the Rift in Time.»

Miko: …but your work is not yet done. You must seal the rift in Time to stop more Yokai from flooding the entire world of Lore. Use the Hanzamune Blade that Kitsune foolishly tossed aside. Seal the Rift with the Blade… quickly! Only you can do this!

«Miko hands Hero the sheath for the Hanzamune Blade.»

«Hero slides the sheath back on the Hanzamune Blade.»

«Screen fades to black.»


«Scene fades»

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