The World (Cutscene)


«Scene: Hero upside down next to Do Dawn and Do Dusk»

Do Dawn: You have witnessed Darkon's past and the reason for his ceaseless drive.

Do Dusk: Now comes the time for conclusions. Will you stop Darkon from realizing his vision?

Do Dawn: Or will you allow him to continue towards a new beginning for all?

Hero: I didn't just see his past. You put me in his and Suki's shoes.
Hero: I felt the blades tearing through their skin, their sorrow, everything.
Hero: But as much as it burns, as unjust as it was for so many people to die over a few selfish reasons…
Hero: That doesn't justify it happening again.

«Zoom in on Hero»

Hero: The Astravians that hurt Darkon are long gone. It's been 22 years.
Hero: He's about to destroy every life on Lore for a tragedy they had nothing to do with.
Hero: The Astravians I met in the present were the children of the original perpetrators, or were willing to change and make amends.
Hero: Whether he realizes it or not, he's using Suki's dream of a better world as an excuse to take revenge.

«Camera zooms out»

Hero: I had a chance to talk to Mi and they listened. I could meet Darkon and convince him to stop…but how?

Do Dawn: That -

«A figure appears and camera pans up»

«Camera focuses on Do Dawn, Hero, and Do Dusk»

Hero: Another beast? How is that possible? There's no one left in the Capital to sacrifice!
Hero: Darkon already used u pall of his creatures and the remaining Astravians are out of range.

Do Dawn: The Coronation of the Celestial and all of the sacrifices it requires to summon each beast is merely the lead up.
Do Dawn: This ritual uses the bodies of Astravians as vessels to hold a fraction of each Arcana Primordial's power-

Do Dusk: While the life force of the sacrificed Astravians are collected and used to create a gate.

Hero: A gate…One the final Arcana Primordial can use to enter Lore!
Hero: It's The World!
Hero: I still don't understand. Darkon did that for judgement but he still needed to sacrifice Creatures.

Do Dusk: The World is different. Its concerns lay beyond the borders of Astravia.
Do Dusk: It requires a final sacrifice after its arrival - the entirety of Lore.

Do Dawn: The ashes of the old world will birth the new.

«Camera focus on figure»

«Figure disappears»

«Scene: 2 Astravians»

«Scene: A view of Earth from space.»

«Scene: Black Screen»

Do Dusk: The final end is upon us. With one hand, The World will erase everything in Lore, reducing it to true nothingness.

Do Dawn: And with its other hand, The World will create Darkon's new dawn.

«Scene: Do Dawn, Hero, Do Dusk, and rainbow colored background»

Do Dusk: There is a sliver of time where the Fool's power will leave Darkon to merge with its brethren.
Do Dusk: This will be your only opening. Right before Lore disappears.

Do Dawn: If you were to stop The World, we must confront Darkon as soon as possible.

Do Dusk: We will ascend, and continue to guide you.

Hero: I'm curious. Wouldn't the Arcana be whole no matter what happens now?

«Scene: White Screen»

«Scene: Hero upside down»

Hero: There might even be a chance that they stay separated if I interfere.
Hero: Why are you two going through the trouble of helping me?

Do Dusk: We are the Arcana's envoys, impartial to the dealings of mortals. And yet-

Do Dawn: -Darkon and his Scale were the first mortals we have ever made contact with.
Do Dawn: To feel a story first hand, and for others to take our hands and treat us like companions-

Do Dusk: -sparked a change.

«Scene: White Screen»

Do Dusk: If mortals could change like you've said, then perhaps there's a chance for the cosmos to flux as well.

Do Dawn: The Empress' dear child has suffered enough. We wish not for him to look to the future with regret.

«Scene fades»

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