The Winner



«Scene: a battlefield filled with food»

Gravelyn: YESSS! Take THAT, Swordhaven!

Victoria: Whatever.

Oishii: Seriously, you two?
Oishii: Anyway, can we have dessert now? Or is there another surprise I'm not aware of yet?

Victoria: Yes. Yes we can. Oishii, we're terribly sorry for how this turned out. BUT IT WAS SO FUN!

Oishii: It's ok. All I wanted was to get everyone together for once to enjoy a feast.
Oishii: It may have not turned out exactly as I hoped, but when does it ever?

«Gravelyn winks»

Gravelyn: Don't worry, Victoria. I may have won, but I'll still share that pumpkin pie with you.

«Oishii is confused»

Gravelyn: What? I may be evil, but I'm not a jerk.

Oishii: No, it's not that. It's just…
Oishii: the desert…
Oishii: Where did it go??

???: We ate it all while you were playing with your food instead of eating it.

«Scene: Cemaros and Twig eating a cake»

Cemaros: Maybe next time, you should try getting along before someone else swoops in for the grand prize.

Victoria: You. Ate. It. ALL???

Cemaros: Not ALL of it. I still have… lemme see…

«Cemaros holds up a mint»

Cemaros: After dinner mint?

«Scene: Oishii, Victoria, and Gravelyn»

Gravelyn: Lesson learned, Oishii:
Gravelyn: This is what happens when you let CHAOS come to the party.

Cemaros: Relax, Gravy.

«Gravelyn is angry and Oishii laughs»

Gravelyn: …Gravy?

Cemaros: Yes, Gravy. It's a fitting nickname right now!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero and Oishii»

Oishii: Well.. Things didn't tum out exactly how I hoped. But I think everyone enjoyed themselves.
Oishii: And that's what matters. The season is about togetherness, after all.
Oishii: Thank you so much for your help, <Hero>!

Hero: Anytime!
Hero: Now, if you don't mind… I'm just gonna run to the store and get some more pie.

«Scene fades»


«Scene fades»

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