The Wicked Man


«Scene: Re and Hero cornering in the Mayor on Screen 10»

Hero: End of the road, I suppose.
Hero: Are you the mayor?

Mayor: We were living in the endless, yet nothing moved at all. One second and my skin, stretched stretched stretched stretched stretched stretched…

Re: Lucky you! He's in a way better mood than when I got here.

Hero: Sounds about the same as all those others.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Close up on Re and Hero talking»

Hero: You visited a lot of people. Did you happen to kill them, too?

Re: Sure did! Had to keep myself from slicing them nice and thin. You can still see that they're human.
Re: Or, well. WERE human. By the way, how obvious was it that I was the killer?

Hero: Very.

Re: Even how I sent you the letter pretending to be one of the slack-jaws?

Hero: WHAT?!

Re: OOPSIES! Well, NOW you know.
Re: But why didn't you just ask me if I was the killer and skewer me right there, when you first showed up? I told you. I hate lying.

Hero: I didn't have any solid proof! I'm not a mindless monster like you!

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Mayor appears on the screen again»

Mayor: Liaaaaaarrrrrrr!
Mayor: Time, all of this time, healed no wounds.
Mayor: The scratching inside my skull hasn't stopped, won't stop, please don't stop.
Mayor: Skin stretched and stretched and stretched, to the limits and my horror became a…

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Screen turns white with a message written in black on it»

Divine ecstasy.

«Scene fades»

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