The Weight Of My Rage



«Scene: Blizzy standing on a pile of gems on Screen 6 while Hero is next to him»

Hero: This has got to be enough gems. Please tell me we've got enough now.

Blizzy: Hey, don't ask Blizzy! He doesn't know anything about this kind of magic.
Blizzy: We'll have to consult my specialists!

«Scene fades»
«Warlic and Sora to Hoshi appear next to the pile of gems»

Sora to Hoshi: This isn't really my area of expertise either, to be honest.

Warlic: We were the only mages he could find on such short notice.
Warlic: But! I actually had been looking into these extradimensional creatures when we were fighting the Queen of Monsters.

«Close up on Warlic and Sora to Hoshi standing next to the pile of gems»

Sora to Hoshi: We'd worked out a theory, but the Queen was killed before we could test it.

Warlic: Part of me is excited to have this extra chance.

Sora to Hoshi: Oh, me too!

«Warlic and Sora attacking the pile of gems with a green lightning spell»

Sora to Hoshi: It's working!

Warlic: Of course it is.

«Howard appears from behind Warlic and Sora to Hoshi»

Howard: STOP!

Sora to Hoshi: Oh. You. When'd you get here?

Howard: You've banished my wife… my children.
Howard: I won't let you take away my vengeance!

«Blizzy appears next to Hero»

Blizzy: Blizzy's not sure how you're going to stop them.

«Howard raises his hands next to the Pile of Gems and turns green»

Howard: The energy… it's more potent than my elixir!

«Howard turns into Howard's Rage in a green explosion»

Howard: The entire world will feel the weight of my rage!

Blizzy: …oh. Like that.

«Scene fades»

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