The Wedding


«Scene: Lynaria, Sir Alden, and Sir Valen»

Four years have passed since Alden, Valen, and Lynaria defeated Dethrix, the Monster King.
The Champion of Darkness' armor is safely hidden away, and our heroes have returned to build up their new home.

«Scene fades.»

«Scene: Alden is crowned as King of Swordhaven, Lynaria and Valen on either side of him.»

Lynaria had always been close to both Alden and Valen.
And both of them had been in love with her for as long as they could remember.
But once it was decided that Alden would take the throne…

«Scene fades.»

«Scene: Alden is kneeling in front of Lynaria.»

all of them agreed that Lynaria should be his queen.

«Scene fades.»

«Scene: Alden and Lynaria hold hands, while Valen watches from behind.»

With Lynaria ruling at King Alteon's side, Swordhaven would become a truly great kingdom.
The wars they faced were past, and their children would grow in peace.

«Scene changes to Valen's clenched fist.»

But it is not so easy for star-crossed lovers to submit to fate.

«Scene fades.»

«Scene: Alden, now King Alteon, and Lynaria's wedding.»

King Alteon: Lynaria, I knew from the moment we met that you were the only woman I could ever love.
King Alteon: I have never been happier than I am now, as I join with you forever as one.

Lynaria: Alteon, you have always been my friend, my partner-in-arms… and my love.
Lynaria: I am proud to stand beside you today and commit my life to you.

Cleric Methaad: If none among us object to this union, then let us now join you in matrimony.
Cleric Methaad: Do you, King Alteon, take this woman as your lawfully wedded wife?

King Alteon: I do.

Cleric Methaad: And do you, Lynaria, take this man as your lawfully wedded husband?

Lynaria: I do.

Cleric Methaad: With the power vested in me, I-

«Everyone looks surprised, the ceremony halts.»

King Alteon: The sirens! Something's happened.

«Pactagonal Knights bring a man in peasant's clothing.»

Pactagonal Knight: Your highness! This man brings an urgent message!

Peasant: We are under attack!
Peasant: Dethrix's army is invading from the east and west. Highwick and Ostfort are being destroyed!

«King Alteon turns to Valen.»

King Alteon: We'll have to split our army and defend on both fronts.

Valen: We can do it. Together, we've never failed.

«A Pactagonal Knight approaches Lynaria.»

Pactagonal Knight: My lady, come with me. We must keep you safe.

Lynaria: I will NOT. As the Champion of Light, it is my duty to-

«The Pactagonal Knight casts a spell, causing Lynaria to fall asleep onto the knight's arms.»
«King Alteon and Valen are held back by the Pactagonal Knights.»

Valen: Lynaria!

King Alteon: What is the meaning of this?

«Dethrix crashes through the ceiling of the wedding hall.»
«The Pactagonal Knights transform into Dethrix's knights.»

King Alteon & Valen: Dethrix!

«Dethrix holds Lynaria in his arms.»

Dethrix: Ah, Lynaria.
Dethrix: You may not know it, but you have always been my biggest threat.
Dethrix: With you out of the way, nothing can stop me.

Valen: You're wrong! We will come for you, and we WILL defeat you!

Dethrix: And you, "King" Alteon?
Dethrix: You can follow me to save Lynaria, but if you do, then Highwick and Ostfort will fall.
Dethrix: Are you prepared to sacrifice your kingdom for your queen?

«Alteon is deeply troubled and does not reply.»

«Scene fades.»

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