The Way of the Steppe


«Scene: Kyron and the Hero in the Brimstone Steppes»

Kyron: This is it. Home sweet home.

Hero: You used to live here? How did you pull that off?

Kyron: With great difficulty. And great sacrifice.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: A bunch of bandits taking goods from some people, with Kyron with the bandits»

Bandit: A fine haul today, sire. The food these merchants were carrying will be able to sustain us for quite a while.

«Scene fades»

Kyron: And the goods?

Bandit: We'll be able to fence them in the usual places. Should bring in enough coin for the cost of the equipment we need.

Kyron: Excellent. We should-

«Scene: A merchant and a villager»

Merchant: It's alright, honey. We'll…we'll find a way to make this up. Don't cry.

«Scene: Kyron closes his eyes»

Kyron: Leave the goods.

Bandit: What!? But sir-

Kyron: I said leave them. Can't you see they can't take the loss? We need only the food.

Bandit: …Yes, sir. Of course.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: The Hero and Kyron»

Hero: You're a bandit chief?!

Kyron: Was a bandit chief. I had to be.
Kyron: The Steppe is harsh and unforgiving. And we had rules.
Kyron: No bloodshed. No taking from people who couldn't afford it.
Kyron: It seems like those rules have been broken since I've been away.

Hero: You sound like you're making excuses.

Kyron: Maybe I am! But I thought I disbanded the troupe when I left to join civilization.
Kyron: Now that they've become active again, it's my duty to put them down.

«Scene fades»

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