The VIP Arrives


«Scene: Hero, Artix, Warlic, and Jongaar»

Hero: There you are! I saw a flier about your band, the NPC's, performing at a huge concert.
Hero: A Battle of the Bands type of tournament in this, wow, giant skull dome!
Hero: I had to fight through hordes of undead to get here! Aw, did I miss everything?

Artix: You made it just in time for the final round, but forget the mosh pit!
Artix: We need a VIP, or in other words, a bodyguard!

Warlic: This isn't just a tournament of dueling guitars.
Warlic: Otherwise, Artix would have had to use a heavier helping of elbow grease to coax me out.

Artix: Nah, Nythera did all the heavy lifting getting Warlic to join us - and boy, did we need it!
Artix: The champion of this Battle of the Bands is going to use their music to raise this giant skull monster!
Artix: If we lose, our rival band will use it to lay waste to Greenguard!

Hero: Very dire situation and all, but I'm surprised you decided to join the tournament as a band.
Hero: Instead of what you usually do - swing your axe until all of the Undead stop moving.

Artix: Exactly right, my friend! It is taking every ounce of control in my body to focus on the music!
Artix: If you see my eye twitching, that is my determination wavering. We must win by shredding guitars… not Undead.

Hero: Why's that?

Artix: May I introduce you to Jongaar, one of the composers of the NPC's music.

Jongaar: Nice to meet you, <Hero>!
Jongaar: I tend to chill more in the background, but you've likely heard my music while you were out adventuring.

Jongaar: Actually, you'll hear a lot more of it today, both on our side and from the rival band during the championship concert.

Warlic: They're called Brain Matter, and they've been stealing the music Jongaar composed to win battle after battle.

Jongaar: Their lead guitarist literally took my score, crossed out my name, and wrote over it with his signature.
Jongaar: Imitation's supposed to be the highest form of flattery, but this ain't it.

Warlic: As Nythera said, it's a move that is "trashier than a blazing dumpster fire."

Artix: Stealing and using Jongaar's music for something as foul as necromancy just does not sit well with me!
Artix: The NPCs are going to perform, a prove that cheaters never win!
Artix: If I am going to be too busy on stage, we need you to keep Brain Matter form sic-ing their Undead fans on us!

Jongaar: One almost bit my ankle. I thought I was going to be as gone as our chances of coming out on top.

Warlic: The Skull Dome has two rules.
Warlic: One: The music can't stop until there's a winner.
Warlic: Two: The audience members can't be physically harmed by the bands.
Warlic: It does not say a bodyguard has to follow the same rules.

Hero: You can definitely count on me to bust numbskulls, and keep Artix from flipping out.
Hero: This is even better than nabbing floor tickets!

Artix: Then we should head for the dressing room to grab Alina, Zhoom, Broomstool, and Ghost. The final round is coming up!

Jongaar: Let's get this show started.

«Jongaar plays his guitar»

«Scene: Brain Matter band playing music at the concert»

«Scene fades»

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