The Village in The Woods


«Scene: Hero walking in a red forest»

Hero: When did it get so dark?

«Scene: Hero continues to walk through the forest»
«Scene fades»
«Scene: Hero arrives at the Eridani and is greeted by Re»

Re: Well lookie lookie here! Big bright face, no eye bags. We got fresh meat coming in!

Hero: ….Who're you? And I'm definitely NOT fresh meat.

Re: *sniff* Agreed. Not fresh at all.
Re: The name's Re, no need to introduce yourself. My gal pal told me all about you after her batteries ran dry.

Hero: … Ah. Right. I get what's going on.
Hero: I've seen a bloody moon like that before. And under a nightmare sky just like this one, I met a girl with the exact. Same. Fashion sense.
Hero: So if that's your pal, I know exactly what to do.

Re: And that means… ?

Hero: Like I said, I'm no one's fresh meat. Take your help and stick it in the meat grinder I'm sure you've got hidden somewhere.

Re: Jeeeez. Talk about short-tempered. I'm glad I didn't try to shake your hand. Would you have snapped my spine over your knee?

Hero: *sigh* I apologize. That was a rude way to greet a stranger. I'm… a bit short on sleep, these last few nights.
Hero: Maybe it's the lack of sleep, or maybe I'm jumping to conclusions. But I'm not feeling very trusting at the moment.

Re: Awwww, it's ok, sweetie. I won't bite. Really. And it's not like I can do anything from up here.
Re: So. What're you here for? I don't often see strangers like you wander in.

Hero: I got a letter in the mail asking me to investigate a series of murders.
Hero: You wouldn't know anything about that, right? Since you see so much from up there?

Re: Oh, this is hilarious! You know the guy who sent you that letter?

«Scene: Re points her hand out where Hero is standing»

Re: I found him in THAT VERY PIT you're standing in front of. He got left out here like laundry.

Hero: What?! The letter I got had yesterday's date on it. That can't be his skull!

Re: You sure about that, champ? Don't get me wrong, jokes are all good and fun but I hate lying. Seriously.

Hero: Fine. I'll scout the area myself.

Re: Everything about this is bad news. Go home and get some shut-eye.
Re: The moon sure hasn't been sleeping. It's been awake for so long that its eyes have gotten red. Maybe cause it's tired, maybe cause it's sad.

Hero: I'm walking away now. But if you ever feel like making sense…

Re: Either way, it's spreading to the townsfolk.

Hero: I'm still walking away.

Re: No need to play coy, <Hero>. You aren't feeling sick just because it's another full moon.

Hero: .. How did you know I wasn't feeling well?

Re: Time stopped and it's been the same night for years. The villagers are going feral stuck with this blood moon.

Hero: *sigh* Of course they are. Thanks. At least you've said SOMETHING useful.

Re: Again, are you sure you don't want to go home?

«Scene fades»

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