The Twin Saints


«Scene: The Twin Saints near Hero and Kataro»

???: Well, well, well, what-

???: Do we have here?

???: We didn't think-

???: We would run into-

???: You here,-

???: Kotaro!
???: Kotaro!

Hero: Are you two going to do this the whole time?
Hero: And who are you?! And how do you know Kotaro?!

???: We are the-

???: Twin Saints!

Saint Apa: Apa!

Saint Eta: And Eta!

Saint Apa and Saint Eta: And we are here to bring you in!

Kotaro: Ugh, not these two!
Kotaro: Out of all the ones they could have sent!
Kotaro: They sent the creepy twins!

Saint Apa: Hey! Who are-

Saint Eta: You calling-

Saint Apa and Saint Eta: Creepy?!

Hero: Ahh! Yep, you're right! They're creepy!

«Scene fades»

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