The Truth of Astravia


«Scene: Screen 10 of First Observatory»

Darkon: This is supposed to be the truth? What are…No.
Darkon: Who are you?

???: Don't you feel it in your blood? Rustling under your skin?
???: It is your connection to me, my child.
Alprecha: I am Alprecha, and I am overjoyed to meet you.
Alprecha: Finally, you have arrived to inherit the truth of Astravia, and our family.

Darkon: The first Queen of Astravia!
Darkon: Does this mean you've been here the entire time?

Alprecha: I have always been watching over my children.
Alprecha: But, I wouldn't call myself a Queen. The first King and I were not married.
Alprecha: Most of my children were suprised and dismayed to learn this.

Darkon: Then.. how was Astravia established? How were we born?

Alprecha: The history you thought to be true was a beautiful fairy tale. One where the first King and I feel in love.
Alprecha: The King was not in love with me. He was in love with the blessings I could bestow upon him.
Alprecha: That man, common as any other, discovered these ruins long ago.
Alprecha: It is not an Observatory, but a vessel that once traveled through the cosmos.
Alprecha: The ship belonged to an ancient race.
Alprecha: In an era before the beginning of time, they waged a war against the Dragons.
Alprecha: Or perhaps it is more apt to say that they waged war against the predecessors of today's Dragons.
Alprecha: The gate you are gazing upon was meant to be used in the war.
Alprecha: It's ancient race was not able to use this technology for its intended purpose.
Alprecha: During a final confrontation, the ship was caught in an explosion that tore the fabric of space.
Alprecha: The crew found themselves flung in to the realm of a Primordial. The Arcana's.
Alprecha: Its domain swallowed the ship, syncing with its systems and coalesced with its crew.

Darkon: I don't understand…If the ship ended up in some different dimension, how is it here in Lore?

Alprecha: Very few know of how this word began - with the slaying of the Dragon of Time.
Alprecha: The shockwave released from the death of such a terrifying creature was felt across multiple dimensions.
Alprecha: Including that of the Arcana's.
Alprecha: The Arcana's realm and its own body was shattered into twenty-two pieces.
Alprecha: This ship may have fallen through the cracks and landed on Lore. But, its connection to the Arcana remained.
Alprecha: When the first King came across the gate, he activated it by accident.
Alprecha: The gate opened a portal, one that was linked to the realm of the Empress.

Darkon: Yours…
Darkon: Tell me, what did he promise to give you in exchange for the blessings?

Alprecha: I hear the fear in your fluttering heart. Are you ready to face the truth?
Alprecha: Allow me to put your resolve to the test.

«Scene fades»

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