The Trip Home (2)


Note: Also see The Trip Home (1).

«Everyone gathers around the defeated Collector. The Hero takes a piece of the Vigilette and reassembles it, and all warp away.»

«They land right back into the dome, with the Collector right outside of it.»

Collector: What? This is PERFECT!

Fred: YOU aren't allowed to drive anymore!

Collector: It has been quite a day, my little rares. Why don't you all get some -

«The Collector looks to left and sees another, larger, Collector. He himself is in a dome, too.»

Collector: No. I'm…. I'm not a collectible!
Collector: You are confused. I am leaving.

«Collector tries to warp away, but can't»

Collector: Without my Vigilette I don't have enough focus to leave the case!

Will: See how YOU like it for a while!

Fred: Yeah! If you behave like a good rare, maybe we'll come back for you!

Drakath: I want to go home

Hero: Me, too. This is my day off.

«A green portal appears and Drakath goes back to his castle»

Hero: There we go. Back where and when you belong.

Drakath: Thanks. You were really great.

Hero: You were pretty good, too.

Drakath: It was kind of scary but this has been the best adventure I've ever had.
Drakath: I want to grow up to be just like you.

Hero: I'll hold you to that.

Drakath: Someday I'll be just like that hero.
Drakath: I'll get so strong that nobody can ever hold me or try to hurt me EVER again.
Drakath:No matter WHAT the cost!

«Hero steps through green portal, appears back at his resting place, Will and Fred present»

Will: Well, looks like this is goodbye. Now we can get out of here and find Roofus.

Fred: Thanks for saving us.

Hero: No problem, guys.

Will: What is it?

Hero: I just thought of something. Give me a few minutes.

«Hero walks away and comes back with a cape a note»

Hero: You guys are going to have to use the Vigilette again or else I'll never be able to save you.
Hero: Put these robes on, go back to this very spot a few hours ago and read this note word for word.

Will: Wow, your handwriting is DISGRACEFUL!

Hero: I was in a hurry!

Fred: Why? We have a time machine.

Hero: Just trust me.

Will: Oh alright, one more stop - then we go home. Ready?

Fred: Let's go!….

Will: …Wait… where's the "go" button…

Fred: …Just hit the green one.

Will: ….I got it. Hold on…

Fred: …Give it back. I can show you…

Will:Man, back up…

Fred: …What's the big deal?

Will: ….Just give me a second….

«Fred and Will disappear, Hero goes to rest»

Hero: Ahhhhhhh.
Hero: This is been the most relaxing day off I've had in a looooooooong time.

«Scene fades»

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