The Trip Home (1)


Note: Also see The Trip Home (2).

«Scene: The Hero takes the last piece of the Vigilette from the Collector and reassembles it. The Hero uses it to teleport away along with John F, John L, and kid Drakath»

«Scene: The group arrives inside the Terrarium and look around»

«Scene: The Collector outside the Terrarium»

Collector: What? This is PERFECT!

«Scene: John L takes the Vigilette from the Hero»

John F: YOU aren't allowed to drive anymore!

«Scene: Outside the dome»

Collector: It has been quite a day, my little rares. Why don't you all get some —

«The Collector looks to the left and the screen zooms out to show the Collector inside an orb, with a even bigger Collector looking inwards. The bigger Collector taps the orb»

Collector: No. I'm… I'm not a collectible!

«Scene: Back inside the orb»

Collector: You are confused. I am leaving.

«The Collector teleports away but then reappears right in the same place»

Collector: Without my Vigilette I don't have enough focus to leave the case!

«Scene: John L holding the Vigilette»

John L: See how YOU like it for a while!

«Scene: The Hero's full group»

John F: Yeah! If you behave like a good rare, maybe we'll come back for you!

«Scene: Close up of Drakath»

Drakath: I want to go home

«Scene: Close up of Hero»

Hero: Me, too. This is my day off.

«A portal opens up to the right of the Hero»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: A portal appears in Drakath's bedroom and Drakath jumps out of the portal. The Hero pokes their head through the portal»

Hero: There we go. Back where and when you belong.

Drakath: Thanks. You were really great.

Hero: You were pretty good, too.

Drakath: It was kinda scary but this has been the best adventure I've ever had.
Drakath: I want to grow up to be just like you.

Hero: I'll hold you to that.

«The Hero exits through the portal, which vanishes in a flash of white light»

Drakath: Someday I'll be just like that hero.
Drakath: I'll get so strong that nobody can ever hold me or try to hurt me EVER again.

«Drakath clenches his fist and makes an angry expression»
«Close up of Drakath's face»

Drakath:No matter WHAT the cost!

«Drakath's eyes glow purple and the screen fades to black except for his eyes»

«Scene: The Hero jumps out of a portal where John F and John L are waiting in a grassy clearing next to some trees»

John L: Well, looks like this is goodbye.

John F: Thanks for saving us.

Hero: No problem, guys.

John L: What is it?

Hero: I just thought of something. Give me a few minutes.

«The Hero moves to the right off-screen and comes back with two brown cloaks and a letter»

Hero: You guys are going to have to use the Vigilette again or else I'll never be able to save you.
Hero: Put these robes on, go back to this very spot a few hours ago and read this note word for word.

«The Hero hands the letter to John L»

John L: Wow, your handwriting is DISGRACEFUL!

Hero: I was in a hurry!

John F: Why? We have a time machine.

Hero: Just trust me.

«Scene: John F holds the cloaks and John L holds the Vigilette while the Hero stands by»

John L: Oh alright, one more stop — then we go home. Ready?

John F: Let's go!….

John L: …Wait… where's the "go" button…

John F: …Just hit the green one.

John L: ….I got it. Hold on…

John F: …Give it back. I can show you…

John L:Man, back up…

John F: …What's the big deal?

John L: ….Just give me a second….

«With a flash of white light, a portal opens up beneath John F and John L and they fall in. The Hero runs over to the spot underneath a tree where the two were standing and lies down»

Hero: Ahhhhhhh.
Hero: This is been the most relaxing day off I've had in a looooooooong time.

«Scene fades»

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