The Treasure!


«Scene: Hargoyle, the Hero, and Aurelio Voltaire stand in the hold of the ghost ship»

Hero: The treasure!

Aurelio Voltaire: The treasure!

Candy Claws: I did manage to grab it before I got ghosted off of that sunken ship!
Candy Claws: They slammed the door shut on me so I couldn't get out. But I held onto the treasure!
Candy Claws: only, when we reached the surface, it was gone! I guess it's been here this whole time.

«Scene: Voltaire holds up a couple gold coins»

Aurelio Voltaire: Hopefully, when we break the curse, this stuff will become solid again, too.

«The screen flashes and Voltaire looks up»

Hero: Uh oh. Maybe you shouldn't have touched it.

«The Sea Witch's Curse appears in front of the group»

Aurelio Voltaire: Definitely shouldn't have touched it.

Curse of the Sea Witch: Begone from this place!

Hero: That's what we're TRYING to do, lady!

Aurelio Voltaire: Well begone off this entire ship if you'll just give us a sec.

Curse of the Sea Witch: Fools! You'll never escape the curse!

Candy Claws: Does her name tag actually SAY "Curse of the Sea Witch"?

Aurelio Voltaire: Ha! It does. Looks like we came to the right place.
Aurelio Voltaire: SHE'S the curse we're here to break!

Curse of the Sea Witch: Fools! You'll never-

Hero: The heck we won't!
Hero: We've figured out how to stop you. And we're gonna do it!

«Scene fades»

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