The Traitor's Acts


«Scene: Etherstorm War.»

X'dir: You think to BUY leniency with a… gift?

As'iiur: Call it what it is, you sniveling traitor. The DragonSlayer is able to injure your Master, but I don't know if he can destroy him.
As'iiur: If your master DOES succeed in controlling the Prime Elements, then I want to ensure his… goodwill. My Master's children must be protected at all costs.

X'dir: And YOU must be safe to shepherd them, hmm?

«Scene: Flashback to Air Storm.»

«As'iiur hands Galanoth a flower.»

As <Hero> left, Galanoth inhaled the Dragon Fire's Blossom Pollen. That would stun even such as we.

«A tornado begins to revolve around Galanoth.»

I called on the Air spell and wrapped him in its dragon-strength bonds, lifting him high above ground.

He struggled, fighting to the end. I had to slam him into the rock to quiet him before he stilled.

«Galanoth is tied up with rope at Etherstorm War.»

I met with my fellow Priests and <Hero> — they were unaware — then brought him here. I do not believe anyone saw.

«End of flashback.»

«Omom approaches Galanoth and offers him a fruit.»

«Scene: Air Storm.»

Ang'st: They are BOTH gone, <Hero>! My Master and Omom. I cannot sit here afraid any longer.

Hero: See through to clear air, and truth. I would lend my aid, but am needed here. The Fire Priest has summoned me.

«Scene: Water Storm.»

Hs'Sakar: Why did you not speak before now? To guess that we have always known where they are… remarkable!

Hero: You are the Wise One, leader of the Prime's Priests. You wouldn't be if you didn't have the wit to see when one of your own is… faltering.
Hero: I had my eye on As'iiur, his twitchiness, his hesitations, but… did not foresee Galanoth's — disappearance. But the reason for your deception?

Hs'Sakar: You're right. We did them away — all but Ss'Kari, he would not be protected — and kept their location secret.
Hs'Sakar: As'iiur has been gentle his whole life. Reticent, shy of action. He would protect his charges above all.

Hero: But you could not rely on him to remain strong in the face of the world ending, I think?

Hs'Sakar: We have discussed his replacement before now, yes. Ang'st will do well, I am sure.
Hs'Sakar: He will, though, need a more… impressive name. *grin*

«Scene: Etherstorm War.»

«Ang'st joins Galanoth.»

Ang'st: It is I, First Acolyte of the Air Priest. I "Walk As Air" to scry out the situation, and see aid is required.
Ang'st: I will return with help, but for now… See what you can do with the little assistance that is at hand.

«Ang'st enchants Omom.»

«Warlic arrives at the discussion with the Priests.»

Warlic: I have spoken at length with the Wise Ones. I fear you have a weighty task before you, <Hero>.

Hs'Sakar: If you can raise the hidden Prime Dragons, with the ArchMage's aid we will able to force-teach them.

Ll'rillor: However, we bound the magic of all four elements to hide them. The complexity of the weave…

Dr'ader: It was the young Air whelp's first true test. He passed. But now —

Hero: Now the three of you cannot break the spell without an Air Priest, and Ang'st is gone.

Hs'Sakar: You — you young upstart! I can feel — how did you —

Warlic: Yes, Hs'Sakar. I sense it, too. Air has woven its magic around our Hero, it seems.

Hs'Sakar: I do not know how this could be. The ancient scrolls suggest that if he — hmmm — yet, without his knowledge? Possibly, but… with a human?!

Warlic: <Hero>, look inside yourself and imagine a tornado. Just SEE it in your mind.

Hero: I think…. I think As'iiur granted me more protection than even HE realized.

Hs'Sakar: There has never been a HUMAN Priest of the Air Prime Dragon. Of ANY Prime Dragon. We shall see.
Hs'Sakar: We'll discuss the potential for this later. For now, you have much to do. Do NOT use your magic yet.

Ll'rillor: Speak with me when you are ready. Water will wear away the spell, but you are greatly needed, too.

«Scene fades.»

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