The Titan of Ice


«Scene: the Plane of Ice»

Abel: Wow! When Glace said this would be a trial, she wasn't kidding!

Hero: You're doing great, Abel! We have to be almost there!

«Scene shakes»

«Scene pans to the left, showing Enfield»

Hero: Or not.

«Hero raises their weapon»

Hero: Get ready to fight!

«Abel steps in front of the Hero»

Abel: No… wait!
Abel: The Enfield. This is… it's the form the Ice Titan takes.

Hero: How could you possibly know that?!

Abel: I'm not sure. But I do.

Hero: Just like you knew we were in the plane of ice.
Hero: It's all starting to make sense.

Abel: What is? <Hero>, what are you talking about?

Hero: It's about time you knew. After we fought Karok together the first time, Syrrus and I were talking about Thermax.

«Exclamation points appear above Abel's head.»

Hero: Syrrus had sensed the Champion's presence in Cyrostorm, where Thermax had been.
Hero: After Thermax had died, the presence felt weaker. But it didn't vanish completely.
Hero: And I've been thinking… maybe Thermax wasn't the Champion.
Hero: Maybe the presence didn't weaken because the Champion had died…
Hero: But because he'd just used up a lot of power fighting Karok.

Abel: What are you saying?

Hero: I'm saying… why don't you see if that Enfield will let you pass?

«Abel talks to the Enfield»

Abel: I am Abel of Cryostorm. The people of my village view you as a Guardian.
Abel: We are seeking an audience with Kyanos. Will you allow me to pass?

Enfield: I will gladly let you though, little one.
Enfield: But first you must defeat me.
Enfield: Come forth, Abel of Cryostorm. Test your mettle against my Ice!

«Scene fades»

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