The Timestream


«Scene: Varga and Hero in the Timestream»

Hero: Whoa. What IS this place?

Varga: We're in the timestream.
Varga: From here, through these portals, we can access …anywhere. Any time. Any place. Any timeline.
Varga: But we shouldn't stay here for long. After all, one of these portals leads to the Shadowlord's castle.

Hero: To the castle he STOLE.
Hero: But which one of these takes ME home?

Varga: None of them… yet. You will have to create one.

Hero: I …I don't think I can do that.

Varga: Of course you can. You are the Eternal Dragon of Time.
Varga: I think you sometimes forget.

Hero: I haven't forgotten! But… I can't access my powers anymore. Not since I defeated Drakath.

Varga: Yes - only in times of most dire need does your full strength emerge.
Varga: And that is how it should be. An Eternal Dragon is far too powerful to be present in Lore at all times.
Varga: But I will help you to reawaken a small part of it.
Varga: Just enough to get us where we need to be.

«Scene fades»

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