The Threat is Here!


«Scene: Hero and Mahou at the spirit nexus. The Hero's lantern lights up the nexus and reveals many spirits»

Hero: Uh-oh. They don't look happy to see us!

Mahou: Grandmother Hasu is with them. They will follow her lead.
Mahou: Just let me do the talking.
Mahou: Grandmother Hasu. I humbly ask that-

Grandmother Hasu: Stop talking. Now.

Mahou: What??
Mahou: But… but Grandmother…

Grandmother Hasu: Do you think I am so easily fooled?
Grandmother Hasu: You should never have come here. What was it you expected to happen?

Mahou: I thought you might hear me out. I thought you might aid us!

Hero: Please. We need your help.
Hero: The nexus, and all of Yokai, is under threat.

Grandmother Hasu: The threat is right here!

«Grandmother Hasu transforms into a monster»

Grandmother Hasu: I will allow it to go no further!

«Scene fades»

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