The Thief


«Scene: Teja, Victoria, Ai no Miko, and the Hero in Yulgar's Inn»

Ai no Miko: So, what you're saying is.
Ai no Miko: While we spent the last, oh, week and a half trying to find you…

Victoria: …you'd gone traipsing through space and time with your invisible war goddess friend.

Hero: Well, it sounds dumb when you put it like that.
Hero: …But yeah, basically.

Ai no Miko: <Hero>! We were worried about you!
Ai no Miko: We thought you were captured - or dead!

Hero: I'm really sorry. I honestly haven't been able to get back until now.
Hero: Things got a little intense.
Hero: I've brought back a new ally, though! And the plan is to gather more of them.
Hero: As many people as we can find who can help us take the Shadowlord down.

Teja: I have personal experience with him that can offer some insight inta how he works.

«Teja holds out the stone from her eyepatch»

Teja: AND a powerful relic what can turn people ta stone.

Victoria: That IS impressive.
Victoria: But what about the Queen of Monsters? Where does she fit into all of this?

Hero: Malgor says… he says I killed her.

Ai no Miko: But… you didn't! Did you?

Hero: I… don't know. Maybe I lost a chunk of time. Maybe it happened in my future.

«Jinx sneaks into the room»

Hero: Either way, I think it's important for me to find out what really happened.

«Jinx reaches for the gem in Teja's hand»

Hero: It's how Malgor took control. It's the key to everything, it has to be.

«Jinx grabs the gem»

Teja: HEY!

«Jinx escapes through a portal with the gem»

Teja: Stop, thief!

«The portal vanishes»


«Screen wipe - the Hero rushes outside to Jinx and follows him through another portal, which then vanishes>

Teja: Blast it!
Teja: Get back here with me eye!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Jinx and the Hero fall out of the portal into land with purple skies, filled with junk»

Jinx: My chakram! NO!
Jinx: What have you done??

«The portal vanishes»

Hero: Oh, sorry about that.
Hero: I'm sure there's another one somewhere in all this… stuff.

«Jinx holds his broken portal chakram»

Jinx: You don't understand. You've broken my Portal Chakram!
Jinx: We're STUCK here!

«Scene fades»

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