The Strange Knight


«Scene: Hero talks to Strange Knight»

Hero: Alright buddy, it's time that you and I had a little talk.
Hero: Things might have seemed bad before, but NOW you're dealing with <Hero>.
Hero: I don't play nice like those other guys.
Hero: You're going to talk to me. You're going to tell me who you are working for. You may THINK that you're tough…
Hero: …You may THINK that you're as solid as this tower…
Hero: But when I'm done with you, you're just going to crumble and fall apart right in front of me.

«Knight's helmet falls off and Hero looks down»

Hero: Well, this is awkward.

«Screen fades. Change scene to hero meeting with Agent Sloan»

Hero: … and when I looked inside, it was just a hallow suit of armor. But there were runes all over the inner walls of the armor.

Agent Sloan: Interesting. Some type of magical golem.
Agent Sloan: If you are someone or a group who wants to stay hidden, employ soldiers that can't reveal you.
Agent Sloan: I'll have the suit examined, in the meantime you should see if you can recover any of the supplies.
Agent Sloan: I get the feeling that you're onto something much bigger than a simple turncoat Guardian…

«Screen fades»

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