The Story So Far (Scarsgarde)


«Scene: War between knights of Good and warriors of Evil.»

Our world was a place of wonder and wilderness… of might and magic. Of Good and Evil.
Heroes were born, and lived, and died fighting for what they believed in. Loyalty, justice, honor, riches… and for the leaders they chose to serve.
But all that changed when Dethrix Drakath came to power.

«Scene changes to Dethrix Drakath's throne room.»

He appeared almost without warning, leading a host of monsters.
He rode before them, atop a flood of fangs and fury. Cutting down all those who fought to protect their homes.
To this day, bards are ordered to sing of the battles he fought and won, and to recite the many titles he lays claim to.
Dethrix Drakath, the Monster King. Fear Feeder. Death Mage. The Champion of Darkness. That is what we all must call him.

«Scene changes to a group of three heroes.»

Now Sir Alden of Bladehaven - with the Healer Lynaria and Sir Valen the Pure - lead an army of warriors, united by a single goal…


«Scene fades.»

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