The Story So Far... (Fotia)


«Fotia Volcano»

Deep in the heart of the island of Fotia, a volcano was about to erupt…

«Fotia forest with Femme Fatalitiesr»

Threatening the home of the Femme Fatalities, a cult worshipping an object known as…

«Frozen Flame at fountain mid-town»

The Frozen Flame, an ancient relic which guards their island.

But more than that, it safeguards the spirit of a powerful Queen.

«King Dage and his men»

Centuries ago, she ruled a vast territory in Lore alongside her ambitious King… a mortal known as Dage.

His sole aim was conquest, and he ignored everything else, including his Queen.

«King Dage with the Queen kneeling»

Ultimately, he cast her aside, causing her mind and heart to shatter.

Leaving nothing but her spirit, her magic, and a burning, fiery rage.

«Frozen Flame at Fotia Volcano»

The Queen's spirit encased itself in a frozen, crystalline shell to guard against betrayal and harm. Until….

«Queen's wisp at Frozen Fotia Volcano»

After millennia of silence and stasis inside the volcano, her anger could no longer be contained.

«Scorn travels through Fotia Forest»

Her spirit was freed, and reborn as "Scorn," she left her followers behind to seek revenge.

«Scorn passes by Femme Fatalities, imbuing them with rage»

Each female she encountered was imbued by her rage.

Seeing the destruction she left in her wake, you left to find Scorn… before it was too late.

«Hero and Charon at Charon's ship with Hydra in the background»

The Hydra fell to your blade, and you passed through the Vale of Mourning successfully.

«Hero defeat the Hydra»

Only the Judges of the Underworld stood between you and Scorn.

«Judges of Dage behind the gate of Judgement, with Dark Seal»

And they were convinced of your worth, awarding you to the Dark Seal..

But while you battled to reach her, Scorn's power grew… and so did the number of her followers.

«Hero and Sibyl outside Dage's Palace»

Sybil: It is good you are finally here. We do not have much time!
Sybil: The Queen - Scorn - is within the Palace, and stronger than she has ever been.
Sybil: I dare not enter these dark halls, but you have Dage's Seal.
Sybil: Be on guard, though. She will have turned many of the underworld minions to her side.
Sybil: They will attack you, of a certainty. I would not be surprised if she used them to -
Sybil: Ah me! - Even attack the Dark Lord of the Underworld himself!
Sybil: You must reach him quickly; there is no telling what she might do.

«Scene fades»

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