The Story

The 13 Lords of Chaos

In the time of Chaos, the world of Lore is in need of a Hero.

The Kingdom of Swordhaven is ruled by the good and noble King Alteon. His arch nemesis, the DoomKnight Sepulchure, launches an army of the undead against him.

The Truce
As the truce between Good and Evil is formed in order to defeat the common enemy, you must earn the trust of both Empress Gravelyn and King Alteon.

Chiral Valley
The 1st Lord of Chaos has used his staff of inversion to invert everything in the valley… including the peaceful town of Mobius!

Xing & Xang
The twins who once helped heroes choose between Good and Evil have now become Drakath's minions!

Dwarfhold Mountains
Snowbeard the Dwarf has escaped with tales of the Third Lord of Chaos, a corrupt DragonLord.

Yokai Island
An invitation has been received to the Dragon Koi Tournament on Yokai Isle. What will it entail… and what legends will be discovered?

The Vampire and Lycan clans are at war, but even a darker threat is lurking through the lands…

Mythsong Valley
This musical town is about to celebrate the Lorestokapalooza concert event, although not everything is going according to schedule…

Something strange is happening in the tower of Arcangrove. The magi there need your help to determine what is wrong.

New discoveries are being made in the Sandsea. Help Zhoom investigate.

Bloodtusk Ravine (Horc)
The Horcs of Bloodtusk Ravine need your help in their long feud with the Trolls.

Bloodtusk Ravine (Troll)
The Trolls of Bloodtusk Ravine need your help in their long feud with the Horcs.

The Span
Travel across recreated timelines of AdventureQuest, DragonFable and MechQuest to help a Chaorrupted Chronomancer who is trying to teach you lessons on Chaos.

One of King Alteon's loyal knights, General Lionfang, needs help to reveal the secrets of Chaos and the possibility of a cure.

Chaos grows in the heart of Lore. Has King Alteon finally succumb to Chaos?

Mount DoomSkull
The final Chaos Lord has been revealed… and the time has come to confront Drakath himself.

Queen of Monsters

Previous version: Queen of Monsters (Backstory)

Infernal Invasion
Celestial Realm: A Theft of Light
The Celestial Realm is bright… pure… and holds a treasure that this army of Infernals would LOVE to control. Help Aranx defend his home as hordes of Infernals attack!

Doomwood: Paladin's Trial
The Order of Paladins needs you to bear witness as one recruit faces a horde of undead to prove that she is ready to (and worthy) to become a Paladin!

Darkovia: Dark Diaspora
Battle to Save the Lycans and Vampires in the forests of Darkovia as anarmy of Infernal invaders threatens to destroy every living (and undead!) creature that roams the darkness!

Shadowfall: Darkness Rising
The Queen's army of invaders attack their biggest, deadliest target yet - Shadowfall! Battle to help Empress Gravelyn and Princess Victoria complete their plans AND defend her fortress as it's overrun by a flood of infernals!

Swordhaven: The New World
The Queen of Monsters' infernal army marches on Swordhaven and Lord Brentan, Victoria, and Gravelyn will stop at nothing to defend the stronghold - no matter the cost! …Will you be there to join them?

Book of Monsters
The Destroyer
A mysterious rift appears as the Queen's Gambit begins… and woe to those who fall for its trap! Fight to survive as Extriki the Destroyer arrives to poison our world into submission!

The Reshaper
The legendary Darkblood Goddess, Kolyaban, has reappeared and with her blessing, the Darkblood could become the strongest race on Lore or destroy them completely. Can the Reshapen be cured? Or is their fate already sealed?

Throne of Darkness

Vaden's Tale
Vaden the DeathKnight Lord rules the Castle of Bone… battle through his dark halls and and up to the Towers of Silver and Gold… if you dare!

Xeven's Tale
Travel through time and space as you chase Xeven, the Time-Traveling Assassin through our past, future, and a very different alternate present before we take on the ultimate annihilator: Vorefax the Devourer!

Ziri's Tale
Travel to Ziri the Illusionist’s Bacon Cat Fortress and take down the invading Laser Shark Brigade! If you wish… you’ll discover the truth about Ziri’s power!

Pax's Tale
The Death Arena Tournament is now open, and challengers are arriving to battle for the title of High Warlord! But first - heroes and monsters alike will be forced to fight as Pax the Warlord watches… and laughs. Will YOU survive?

Sekt's Tale
Battle through the Shifting Wormhole to reach Sekt the Eternal’s Fourth Dimensional Pyramid… and fight to fulfill an ancient prophecy!

Scarletta's Tale
The Tower of Mirrors is home to Scarletta, a beautiful sorceress with a very ugly secret. Fight your way through her Enchanted Hedgemaze, then take her in on the tower!

Mysterious Stranger's Tale
The Mysterious Stranger gathered together some of Lore’s darkest villains for one purpose… and you are about to discover just what it is -- and what the TRUE threat to Lore is!

7 Deadly Dragons

Glutus, Dragon of Gluttony, has terrorized men — especially DragonSlayers — for far too long. NO DragonSlayer has managed to survive battle with him, and Galanoth is making this battle personal. After years of gorging, and eating thousands of heroes, knights, and 'Slayers, it's time for Glutus to go on a DIE-t!

Journey to Darkmoor Village to battle Valsarians army of Storm Drakel Warriors as they fight to turn humans into slaves and Dragons into KINGS!

Dragons invade, kill and most importantly —they hoard. Each dragons guards a vast treasure trove of gold, gems, and priceless artifacts… all very, very tempting for any thieves foolish enough to risk their wrath. When evidence appears of a rogue DragonSlayer stealing from dragon hoards for his own benefit, Galanoth must uncover the truth. For honor, for right for justice!

Dragons. Zombies. Creepy slime creatures. Its easy to fight monsters you can see. The real danger, however, is an invisible sickness spreading through the village of Gisunt Heights. Lim the Scientist has traced the outbreak to its source. Take out Phlegnn, Slime Dragon of Sloth and find a cure for the plague before it spreads beyond the quarantine zone!

Warrior Princess Cecily has asked Galanoth and the Dragonslayers for help with a dragon thath has been kidnapping her people. Lascivia, the Dragon of Lust hoards PEOPLE, not gold. Help Cecily free her subjects by defeating Lascivia.

Dragons of all elements and races know the legend of the Dragon Crown - only one worth of ruling ALL dragonkind can wear it. Most assumed it was just a myth until now. Maloth, the Darkness Dragon of Envy, wears the crown and claims the throne.

While searching for the treasure of Evil Eye Grim, Captain Rhubarb has awakened the mighty undead dragon Gorgorath. She has summoned her horde of undead (and not undead!) minions to make sure that Rhubarb doesn't get the treasure!

Miscellaneous Storylines

Nythera's Saga
The Northlands are under attack from Queen Aisha. They need your help to stop her.

A new and extremely dangerous threat has appeared in Doomwood forest. The paladins of Lightguard keep need your help.

Etherstorm Wastes
With the destruction of the four prime dragons, the elemental planes of fire, water, wind and earth are thrown into Chaos by an evil dragon known as Desoloth.

Skyguard legendsmall.png
The skypirates are attacking. Captain Stratos of the Skyguard needs your help.

J6's Saga
Journey through the Sandsea in order to unlock clues to find the mysterious Bounty Hunter.

Dage's Saga
Travel to a volcanic island, inhabited by a cult of Femme Fatalities who despise Dage the Evil.

Help Tomix the SoulWeaver stop the impending ChaosWeaver invasion!

Undead Legion Saga
Discover how a lowly weaponsmith with a pinch of magic betray the King of the Underworld and become leader of the Undead Legion!

Seasonal Events

The Frost Moglins need all the help they can get to save Lore from icy villains.

Harvest Day
Thanksgiving is here! Time to feast on a giant turkey, before it feasts on you!

When the Cauldron Sisters are making candy, you know that there will be trouble!

New Years
A race against time to party into the New Year.

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