The Story Begins (Necromance)



The time: 3 days before Hero's Heart Day.
The place: the Love zone.
The people: Jagger and his love, Nastasia.
The plot: to help Jagger prove his eternal love to Nastasia…

«In the Love zone, Jagger is asking for help from Jim and Pam»

Jagger: I don't have much time left to figure out what to get her!
Jagger: It's got to be the biggest, the best, the MOST AMAZING -

Jim: Gift ever? Yeah. I've sailed down that river of love before. I know what you need.

Jim & Pam: <Hero>!

Pam: If anyone can help you make this Hero's Heart Day special for Nastasia, it's him!

Jagger: Great! Because Nastasia, she's special. Magical. I'd do anything to make her happy!

Jim: Then <Hero>'s exactly who you need to talk to.
Jim: He should be showing up any minute now….

«Scene fades»

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